1. predicting what the weather will be.
  2. The science that deals with the study of the atmosphere (or weather) and its phenomena, especially with weather and weather forecasting.
  3. The study dealing with the phenomena of the atmosphere. This includes not only the physics, chemistry, and dynamics of the atmosphere, but is extended to include many of the of the direct effects of the atmosphere upon the earth"s surface, the oceans, and life in general. The goals often ascribed to meteorology are the complete understanding, accurate prediction, and artificial control of atmosphereic phenomena. A distinction can be drawn between meteorology and climatology, the latter being primarily concerned with average, not actual, weather conditions. Meteorology may be subdivided, according to the methods of approach and the applications to human activities, into a large number of specialized sciences.

11 letters in word "meteorology": E E G L M O O O R T Y.

No anagrams for meteorology found in this word list.